Work in Sales? Keep Your Smile Healthy

I recently began working in sales. Smiling is very important when you work in sales, but I kept it to a minimum because I was not happy with my teeth. I had a tooth near the front of my mouth that was discolored from a bad cavity (my dentist says it became dark because the nerve was dead), and it embarrassed me. I always felt like it affected my income, so I finally saved up and had a crown put on that tooth. I also whitened the rest of my teeth. I now love my smile and I think it shows! I cannot stop smiling! My commissions also show my increased self-confidence, because I am making more money than ever. I created this blog to help other people struggling to make money in sales realize that a bright, healthy smile can help you and your bank account!

3 Family Health-Related Things To Finish Up Before You Move

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With the amount of loose ends that need to be tied up before a long-distance move, it's a shocker that many moving families don't forget more things. However, one category of loose ends that is particularly hard to tie up is the realm of healthcare in all its facets. Sure, you may have a shiny new health insurance plan from a new employer half a country away, but that aspect is only a small portion of what goes into keeping your family healthy. In order to ensure that you and your family can hit the ground running at your new location in every way possible, here are three health-related things to finish up before you move.

Move Your Gym Membership                                          

The oft-forgotten gym membership is often a casualty of a long distance move because the stress of moving is simply one more reason not to go to the gym at all. Renewing your gym membership can be very easy, even a non-issue if you go to a gym with multiple locations, but local gyms are a different issue. To streamline everything, make sure to include your gym membership with other subscriptions that need to be changed over to your new address, like magazines, the phone bill, and your local paper.

Family Dental Check-Up

Even if you have a family dental plan at a new job you may be moving to, getting the paperwork done can be a pain, and it's often much more difficult than moving a gym membership. Therefore, you should try to get your whole family to the dentist before moving to buy yourself some time before you have to start shopping for a new dentist or transferring paperwork. Another added bonus is that you'll have a full set of bright, shiny teeth to start off on the right foot at a new job or school!

Vaccines for Kids

Much like moving dentists can be tricky, moving pediatricians can be even more difficult. To minimize stress during this hectic time, getting any outstanding or upcoming vaccines taken care of can be a lifesaver (literally and figuratively). Plus, your kids' old pediatrician will inevitably know your kids better than a new one. This means that you won't risk a medical miscommunication, plus it's hard enough for your kids to get used to a new home, school, and friends, so immediately having to get comfortable with a new doctor can be a struggle. Click here for more info about moving and looking for a new dentist. 


6 April 2016