Work in Sales? Keep Your Smile Healthy

I recently began working in sales. Smiling is very important when you work in sales, but I kept it to a minimum because I was not happy with my teeth. I had a tooth near the front of my mouth that was discolored from a bad cavity (my dentist says it became dark because the nerve was dead), and it embarrassed me. I always felt like it affected my income, so I finally saved up and had a crown put on that tooth. I also whitened the rest of my teeth. I now love my smile and I think it shows! I cannot stop smiling! My commissions also show my increased self-confidence, because I am making more money than ever. I created this blog to help other people struggling to make money in sales realize that a bright, healthy smile can help you and your bank account!

Implant-Supported Dentures: Care and Benefits

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Unlike conventional dentures that merely rest on your gums and rely on suction to stay in place, supported dentures are attached to an implant that is surgically infused into your jaw. This gives the dentures added support, meaning that they are less likely to fall off or slip while you speak or eat. Implant-supported dentures are also more comfortable, as they put less pressure on the gums and thus do not cause canker sores or need adhesive pastes to remain intact.

Caring for implant-supported dentures

These dental prostheses are more natural-looking, firmer and more comfortable than conventional dentures, and they can prevent bone loss because they stimulate the jawbone. However, they do require special care if they are to serve you without complications.

Just like natural teeth, supported dentures have to be thoroughly brushed every day to prevent bad breath and gum disease. The denture plates that attach to the implants in the jaw are removable, so they should be detached for easier cleaning around the attachments, artificial teeth, and gums.

Without regular cleaning of the attachments and underlying gums, the risk of decay and periodontal diseases may increase. You should also remove your dentures during bedtime so as to prevent infection.

Skipping your dental appointments can be detrimental if you wear dentures, as professional cleaning is usually required to dislodge food particles stuck in the attachments and implants. Inspections of your dentures may also reveal worn out clips and other attachments that could affect the stability of your artificial teeth. Occasional X-rays are also performed during dental visits to check if your implants, abutments and attachments need repositioning.

With implant-supported dentures, you will be able to enjoy a wider variety of foods than you would with conventional dentures, as they are a lot more stable and do not shift while chewing hard foods. However, extremely sticky or hard foods can damage the dentures, and should thus be avoided.

Speech benefits of implant-supported dentures

Conventional dentures are notorious for causing slurred speech due to their instability and lack of suction. Wearers of unsupported dentures are often afraid to speak, as the dentures often make clicking sounds, and can even fall off. With implant-supported dentures, you will be more confident as you talk, and will be able to project a clearer and more natural voice since the artificial teeth are firm just like natural teeth.

Implant-supported dentures are a great alternative for denture wearers with suction or retention problems, discomfort, or those who find using denture adhesives inconvenient. For more information, talk to a denturist like Owen Sound Denture Clinic.


2 June 2015