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I recently began working in sales. Smiling is very important when you work in sales, but I kept it to a minimum because I was not happy with my teeth. I had a tooth near the front of my mouth that was discolored from a bad cavity (my dentist says it became dark because the nerve was dead), and it embarrassed me. I always felt like it affected my income, so I finally saved up and had a crown put on that tooth. I also whitened the rest of my teeth. I now love my smile and I think it shows! I cannot stop smiling! My commissions also show my increased self-confidence, because I am making more money than ever. I created this blog to help other people struggling to make money in sales realize that a bright, healthy smile can help you and your bank account!

Denture Relining And Rebasing

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Newly inserted dentures usually remain in place because their base closely conforms to the shape of the gums. Your new dentures should be stable as you speak or chew, and retain suction when fitted correctly. However, the shape and size of the gums and bone that support the artificial teeth will usually change over time, resulting in loss of suction or a poorly fitting denture set that is uncomfortable.

This however does not mean that you necessarily need new dentures, as there are methods that can improve the retentive qualities of your existing set and prevent the formation of flappy gum tissue under it. Here is a look at the two methods used to achieve better suction and stability as the mouth of a denture wearer changes.

Denture relining

A denture reline basically involves re-fitting the surface of the dentures to your gums. This is done by placing a new acrylic base into the denture so that it conforms to the new form of your gums and jawline. Once the new base it molded and fitted, it allows your dentures to fit in your oral structures more comfortably, while also improving stability and suction.

The relining process begins with the removal of some plastic from the fitting surface of the denture. A soft impression acrylic resin is then placed on your gums and repositioned inside the mouth to take the new impression of your oral structures. This new impression is then used to replace the old acrylic base of your dentures, resulting in a perfectly fitting set of artificial teeth.

The relining procedure only alters the fit of your dentures, not their appearance, and is usually done when the gum tissue shrinks due to weight loss, bone or teeth loss, aging or illness.

Denture rebasing

A denture rebase is similar to a reline, but instead of altering the fitting surface, the entire pink acrylic base material is replaced, while the teeth remain in the exact same place. Rebasing makes use of the same procedure used in initial or immediate denture placement. Additionally, weak or broken dentures can be enhanced with a rebase. If the pink denture base gets old or discolored over time, this procedure can also restore its aesthetic appeal.

If your dentures lose stability, suction or get worn out over time, you may not always require a new set. Your denturist can advise you on whether a reline or rebase can resolve your problem and get your dentures working effectively once again. For more information, contact a specialist like Barthmann Denture Clinic implants.


6 May 2015