Work in Sales? Keep Your Smile Healthy

I recently began working in sales. Smiling is very important when you work in sales, but I kept it to a minimum because I was not happy with my teeth. I had a tooth near the front of my mouth that was discolored from a bad cavity (my dentist says it became dark because the nerve was dead), and it embarrassed me. I always felt like it affected my income, so I finally saved up and had a crown put on that tooth. I also whitened the rest of my teeth. I now love my smile and I think it shows! I cannot stop smiling! My commissions also show my increased self-confidence, because I am making more money than ever. I created this blog to help other people struggling to make money in sales realize that a bright, healthy smile can help you and your bank account!

Yellow Teeth Got You Down? Great Methods To Bring Back Their Whiteness

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Over the years, your teeth may start turning yellow. This can happen for a lot of reasons – whether it's because you failed to brush often or you smoke every day. Luckily, thanks to these steps, your teeth can look white and beautiful again. 

Scrub Teeth with Apple Cider Vinegar

If you are looking to whiten your teeth without having to spend a fortune, you can try using apple cider vinegar on your teeth. This vinegar naturally has acidic properties, which can be used to take away the yellow stains on your teeth.

First, pour some of the vinegar inside a cup and soak your toothbrush in the vinegar for several minutes. Begin scrubbing the front surface of your upper and lower teeth. Keep scrubbing for several minutes and then wash your mouth out with water. The whitening results won't be instantaneous, so you need to keep using apple cider vinegar for several weeks.

Eat the Right Foods

Another easy and affordable way to whiten your teeth is to eat the right foods. Cheese can help whiten your teeth because it helps increase the creation of saliva in your mouth. With more saliva, your teeth are going to get cleaned better – preventing other foods from staining your teeth.

Strawberries are also great for teeth whitening purposes, as they contain malic acid. This acid, just like apple cider vinegar, can eat away at the stains on your teeth. Celery also helps your teeth stay whiter. That's because this vegetable requires extra chewing – which helps your mouth produce more saliva. As a result, your teeth will be cleaner, especially the areas between your teeth.

Get Help From a Cosmetic Dentist

If you are looking for quicker results than the methods above, you can get help from a cosmetic dentist. This professional has access to peroxide gel, a whitening solution that can make your teeth appear whiter with just one application.

First, your dentist puts spacers in your mouth, which prevent the gel from getting on your tongue. Then, the gel is applied to the front surface of your teeth. It is then activated by a UV light, helping yellow stains on your teeth fade away. The whole procedure should only take around an hour to complete.

Having yellow teeth can really affect your confidence, especially when you are out in public. Fortunately, you can take these steps to whiten your teeth. They will help you get the courage to smile again without fearing what other people think. To learn more, contact a company like Oral Cancer Screening at Appleway Dental Clinic with any questions or concerns you have.


7 April 2015